Captain America
Vital statistics
Real name Steve Rogers
Alias(s) Rogers, Cap, Star-Spangled One
Species Human (Enhanced)
Age 90's
Physical description
Gender Male
Weight 225 lbs
Height 6'2"
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Affiliation Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D.
Powers and abilities
Powers Peak physical conditioning, Expert tactician and field commander
Weaknesses N/A
Weapons Wields vibranium-steel alloy shield
Production details
First appearance Days of Future Smash, Part 4 - Year of the Hydra
Voiced by Roger Craig Smith



Vowing to serve his country any way he could, young Steve Rogers took the super soldier serum to become America's one-man army. Fighting for the red, white and blue he is the living, breathing symbol of freedom and liberty.

The Collector

Cap was captured by The Collector and put in stasis, but was sent back to Earth by She-Hulk.

Monsters No More

He has made a brief cameo, where he gave a medal to Red Hulk.

Guardians of the Galaxy

He later reappears along with the Avengers but was revealed to be Skrulls in disguise.

Days of Future Smash, Part 4 - Year of the Hydra

He appeared in the past fighting alongside a time-traveling Hulk during World War II to stop The Leader and Red Skull from recreating Dr. Erskine super soldier serum and augmenting it with gamma radiation. Simultaneously in a alternate future timeline, Old Captain America fights to save the world as it was taken over by Hydra and run by The Leader. In this timeline, Captain America was never frozen but despite being in his late nineties, the super soldier serum in his body appeared to retard his aging, still in peak physical condition and appearing only in his mid-late forties. Ultimately, Hulk and past-Captain America stop The Leader, returning the timeline to its original settings.

Planet Monster, Part 1

Hulk is torn between his two teams - the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and the Avengers - as both team up to save Earth from a Kree armada led by the Supreme Intelligence.

Planet Monster, Part 2

Avengers must work together to free Hulk from the Supreme Intelligence and prevent the destruction of Earth and the cosmos.

Powers and Abilities

Captain America represented the pinnacle of human physical perfection. He experienced a time when he was augmented to superhuman levels, but generally performed just below superhuman levels for most of his career. Captain America had a very high intelligence as well as agility, strength, speed, endurance, and reaction time superior to any Olympic athlete who ever competed. The Super-Soldier formula that he had metabolized had enhanced all of his bodily functions to the peak of human efficiency. Most notably, his body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles, granting him phenomenal endurance. His super-soldier physiology regenerates at an accelerated rate. It also keeps him young forever.