Doctor Octopus
Doctor otto octavius
Vital statistics
Real name Otto Gunther Octavius
Alias(s) Doc Ock
Species Human
Location Doc Ock's Lab, New York
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Affiliation Venom (creation)
Powers and abilities
Production details
First appearance The Venom Inside
Voiced by Tom Kenny

Doctor Octopus is a super-villain and one of Spider-Man's greatest foes. 



Doctor octavius

Dr. Otto Octavius was a brilliant scientist in atomic physics, biochemistry and nuclear research. One day while working on an experiment with Norman Osborn, there was lab explosion of radiation that paralyzed him. Osborn was forced to make him mechanical tentacles to continue his work in secrecy. Because of the years of hiding and forced to work tirelessly for Osborn he turned to a life of crime and became one of Spider-Man's main villains.

The Venom Inside

Hulk and Spider-Man have to save the day when his friends are possessed by Venom who was unleashed by Doctor Octopus and rampage through New York City to destroy Spider-Man.

Powers and Abilities

Doctor Octopus has a genius-level intellect related to the field of atomic physics and radiation. He holds a PhD in nuclear science, and is skilled as an inventor and an engineer. He is an excellent tactician.


  • Mechanical Arms: He has telepathic control over four prehensile, electronic arms that are attached to his torso. Even when the harness is detached from his torso, he maintains a level of telepathic control over the arms, even over great distances. The arms, which have pincers at the end, can extend to 24 feet at the maximum, and are capable of superhuman strength and enhanced reaction time. He can use them to lift a maximum of three tonnes per arm, though at least one arm must support his body, and he can use them similarly to legs, to lift his body and move rapidly over a variety of terrains, and also to scale walls. He wears an armored body suit because, while capable of dishing out an enhanced beating, his body is that of a regular human, and has become increasingly worn down by the constant fighting and injuries he has sustained. This suit adds an additional four cybernetic arms. His telepathic control also extends over an army of octobots, small, eight-limbed robots.