Doorway To Destruction Part 1
Doorway To Destruction Part 1
Production details
Season 1
Original Airdate August 11, 2013
Directed by Dan Fausett
Written by Paul Dini
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Hulk's best pal Rick Jones begins making a web-series to show the world Hulk is a hero and Big Green gets his first chance to prove it when Annihilus invades Earth!


The episode begins with an old footage of the Hulk going on a rampage against the military forces, lead by General "Thunderbolt" Ross. The footage is stopped, and Rick begins narrarating about how Hulk used to be. He continues by adding that he'll use the cameras from the project to show a side that the military never showed. He heads down the mountain to where Hulk is lifting weights, and reveals the news, to which Hulk dislikes. Before the matter can be properly discussed, an alarm goes off, alerting the duo of trouble. Hulk heads off to save the Earth, telling Rick to stay put.

A gamma portal had opened over Vista Verde, causing a freak wind storm that almost snatches up a little girl until Hulk stops her. The army arrives, threatening to shoot the Hulk if he hurts the girl. Rick, disobeying Hulk's orders and following his friend to the town, comes between the two forces, trying to get the army to stand down. Hulk hands over the girl, instructing the army to take her somewhere self, which they agree to. The whole town, by this point, seems to have evacuated to safety. Rick and Hulk are left alone, and the Hulk reveals that the portal leads to the Negative Zone. While Rick runs to safety, Hulk sends an energy force at the portal, intending to "smash" it close, but the hit rebounds.



Characters Introduced: Hulk, Red Hulk, Rick Jones, Skaar, Annihilus

  • Rick reveals that Vista Verde is the birthplace of the Hulk, and that the people that make up the town think of the Hulk as their mascot


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