Galactus is talking
Vital statistics
Real name Galan
Alias(s) Galactus
The Devourer of Worlds
Location Mobile
Physical description
Gender Male
Affiliation Silver Surfer (Herald),Terrax (Herald), Emerald Empress (Herald), Firelord (Herald)
Powers and abilities
Powers Energy, matter and life-force manipulation, Cosmic awareness, Telepathy, Telekinesis
Production details
First appearance Galactus Goes Green
Voiced by John DiMaggio



Galactus is a cosmic entity which feeds by draining living planets of their energy.

Galactus Goes Green

Galactus arrives on Earth where he lands on Las Vegas in order to consume Earth. After Terrax was defeated, Galactus revoked his Power Cosmic and transformed She-Hulk into the Emerald Empress with it. The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. had to fight Galactus to keep him from consuming Earth. Following She-Hulk taking a dive in her fight against Terrax, Galactus returned the Power Cosmic to Terrax who takes Galactus to an uninhabited planet as part of the deal that She-Hulk made with Terrax.

Planet Hulk, Part 1

Ronan the Accuser and the Kree use Ego the Living Planet to be a sacrifice to Galactus. During this time, Galactus is shown to have Firelord as his new herald where Firelord claimed that Terrax failed him.

Planet Hulk, Part 2

Hulk had to work with Ego's inner-ego to keep Galactus from consuming Ego the Living Planet. After Hulk and Ego the Living Planet defeat Galactus, Firelord leads Galactus away to find an uninhabited planet for Galactus to consume.

Powers and Abilities

Galactus possesses cosmic power beyond most forms of measurement He can levitate; restructure molecules; convert matter into energy and vice-versa; project energy with enormous concussive force; teleport himself, others, and objects across space, dimensions, and time; erect virtually impenetrable fields; restore others from any injury, even total disintegration; and endow or enhance powers within others. Even his heralds, imbued with the smallest fraction of his power, can manipulate matter and energy far beyond human comprehension. Though he generally avoids physical conflict, Galactus can bolster his own strength beyond any known system of measure. Galactus is telepathic, able to scan the thoughts of virtually any known being.


To sustain his immense power, Galactus requires energies derived from a biosphere, a planet able to sustain living beings, though life does not actually have to be present. Though Galactus can extract and absorb this energy himself, he generally employs his immense Elemental Converter to perform the process, as it is far more efficient and avoids the expenditure required of him. Sometimes the planets on which he feeds are left barely habitable; other times he consumes all life and water, leaving it devastated and barren; most often the process reduces the planet to space rubble. When Galactus was newly formed, the energy of a medium-size Earth-like planet sustained him for over a century. Now he needs to feed about once a month; in addition, when preparing for a massive expenditure of energy, he may absorb planets more frequently to amplify his power stores. Conversely, when he does not feed within his allotted time, his energies will dwindle, and he will even begin to physically shrink as they drop dangerously low. His body totally converts the energies he absorbs for his life functions and activities without any waste products.