Vital statistics
Real name Jennifer Susan Walters
Alias(s) She-Hulk, Formerly Emerald Emissary, Jen, Shulky
Species Mutated Human
Age 28-30
Location Hulk's Cave, Vista Verde, New Mexico
Physical description
Gender Female
Weight 150 lbs (68 kg) as Human
700 lbs (317,5 kg) as She-Hulk
Height 5' 10" as Human
6'7" Variable as She-Hulk
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Relatives Hulk (cousin)
Skaar (likely first cousin once removed)
Affiliation S.M.A.S.H.
Powers and abilities
Powers Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Stamina
Equipment Team S.M.A.S.H. jump jet, Cosmic Surfboard
Weapons Gamma Gauntlets, Cosmic Staff
Production details
First appearance Doorway to Destruction Part 1
Voiced by Eliza Dushku

After receiving a blood transfusion, to save her life, Jennifer Walters was transformed into the She-Hulk.


She-Hulk is the Hulk's action-loving cousin. With a (possible) cousin named Skaar also in the family, she's unbelievably strong, pilots the group's heavily armed Jump Jet, and uses a pair of Gamma Gauntlets that give her fists an added energy wallop.

As the most competitive member of the team, She-Hulk never backs down from a fight, arm-wrestling match, or burping contest!

Galactus Goes Green

Galactus arrives on Earth where he lands on Las Vegas in order to consume Earth. After Terrax was defeated, Galactus revoked his Power Cosmic and transformed She-Hulk into the Emerald Emissary with it. The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. had to fight Galactus to keep him from consuming Earth. Following She-Hulk taking a dive in her fight against Terrax, Galactus returned the Power Cosmic to Terrax who takes Galactus to an uninhabited planet as part of the deal that She-Hulk made with Terrax.


She-Hulk is very friendly, level-headed and one of the few people who knows Hulk better than anyone, aside from Rick Jones and Betty Ross. She has an assertive nature, enabling her to hold her own in fight and she hates being saved by others. Just ask, Iron Man who's the example. She-Hulk is a lover. She hates cold weather.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength - She-Hulk has gamma-powered superhuman strength, on par with her cousin's when he is in a calm state. But she does not have her cousin's ability to boost her strength like her cousin can.

Superhuman Jumping - She-Hulk can jump much higher than a normal human and can leap hundreds of feet into the air.

Superhuman Leaping - She-Hulk can leap miles in a single jump.

Superhuman Speed - She-Hulk can run at superhuman speed.

Superhuman Durability - She-Hulk can take far more damage than a normal human.

Superhuman Invulnerability - She-Hulk is nearly indestructible and can take ultra-powerful attacks. She-Hulk's skin is superhumanly dense, along with her body tissues and bones.

Superhuman Stamina - She-Hulk's muscles fatigue is much slower than most beings.

Regenerative Healing Factor - She-Hulk can recover instantly from almost any injury. She is also immune to all known Earth Based Diseases.


Gamma Gauntlets: Gauntlets that can emit waves of energy. Like many of the weapons at Gamma Base, they were seemingly designed to combat the Hulk. In what seems to be a continuity error, Jen is seen using similar abilities without the aid of the gloves. [1]

Cosmic Staff: A staff Jen wielded as the herald of Galactus. It could emit Cosmic energy from its tip and presumably be used to summon Galactus when a suitable world was located.